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moran_chan01 in baru_world

[English Translate] "Eito’s “best father” (the person who’ll be a good father)" by Subaru

Credit: taiyaunelma
English Translate by taiyaunelma

Eito’s “best father” (the person who’ll be a good father):

It have to be me. I want kids. I love kids. My older brother’s child is so cute. Yup, I’m a uncle. But, I’m not called “uncle”, my nickname back home is “Babu” so, my niece calls me “Babu kun”. *awwww that’s soo cute* How she calls me is really cute but, because she’s really cute, I don’t buy everything for her. If you spoil them they won’t grow properly. That’s not good. But, she’s only my niece and she’s this cute, I think it will be hard if it’s my own child. Especially if its a girl, seriously, it will be unbearable. But, the first child I want a girl. That’s a must!

- Shibutani Subaru