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This community create for who love "Shibutani Subaru". he is member and lead vocal of Kanjani8.
In this community will have to post about His J-Web (Kanjani8 Sentai Ranger) in English and Thai language translation, his radio show, his interview and his performance.etc


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Say Hi! (long time no see) and other Subaru's news

Hello everybody Subaru's Fan!

It's very very very long long time that I haven't post anything in this community.
Because my study in university just begun so it's very busy >_<
but I still follow Subaru-san in Kanjani8 Single&Album and concert, and his movie and new album of him!

So this time... it's time of him!
Let's see his news!


[NEWS No.1] New album of Shibutani Subaru (For Misono Universe the Movie)

The name of album is [記憶/ココロオドレバ] (Kioku/Kokoruodoreba)
Release 2015 February 11


[NEWS No.2] Shibutani Subaru Live Tour 2015


[NEWS No.3] Shibutani Subaru will go to The COVERS (NHK Channel) 2nd time

In 2015 February 9 at 11.15-11.45 PM


[NEWS No.4] [TV] 150116 Misono universe complete showcase preview video (Subaru)

Credit: dozchan666

[English Translate] "Eito’s “best gap” (the person who has a gap between their social ima" by Subaru

Credit: taiyaunelma
English Translate by taiyaunelma

Eito’s “best gap” (the person who has a gap between their social image):

If you mean the gap between work and private then no one. Everyone, is really their-selves. We can’t make up characters and use them. That’s eito. That’s why, I think the distance between everyone is closer. We’re not hard to approach, but can be easily approached. In reality, I’m around(laugh). However, in my case, whenever I get approached it’s mostly guys. Girls, what happened(laugh)!?

-Shibutani Subaru

[English Translate] "Eito’s “best father” (the person who’ll be a good father)" by Subaru

Credit: taiyaunelma
English Translate by taiyaunelma

Eito’s “best father” (the person who’ll be a good father):

It have to be me. I want kids. I love kids. My older brother’s child is so cute. Yup, I’m a uncle. But, I’m not called “uncle”, my nickname back home is “Babu” so, my niece calls me “Babu kun”. *awwww that’s soo cute* How she calls me is really cute but, because she’s really cute, I don’t buy everything for her. If you spoil them they won’t grow properly. That’s not good. But, she’s only my niece and she’s this cute, I think it will be hard if it’s my own child. Especially if its a girl, seriously, it will be unbearable. But, the first child I want a girl. That’s a must!

- Shibutani Subaru

[NEWS] SUBARU will star in Movie "味園ユニバース" (Misono Universe) release in Feb 2015

Subaru will star as the main in the movie 味園ユニバース (misono universe), it will be out next year February. He will play a man with amazing singing ability who lost his memory. He cut 30cm off his hair for the role.

One of the scenes to look forward to will be the concert scenes in the movie where he will make use of his singing ability. There will be 5 or 6 original songs to look forward to as well. Nikaido Fumi will play the band’s manager.

The director said that even to him as a man, Subaru looks really cool and he holds a strong appeal as a person.

Credit News and Photo by: trifectaofje
Shibuyan &lt;3

[JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.15 English Translation

Originally posted by masssterchief at [JWeb] Shibutani Subaru's Kanjani Sentai Ranger 2014.05.15 English Translation
su 20140515
Japanese JWEB Credit: Subaru922, coria1984, and baru_world

Ah, how much Subaru adores Yoko
I love them so much
Almost forgot! Subaru used これ instead of 彼 in the (*) sentence. That's why I translate it as "this" not "he".
As usual, often Subaru's word choice made me rethinking his rebellious nature.

PS: Got a lot of things to do, so just enjoy how absurdly adorable Subaru and Yoko can be
God, they're perfect for each other. They're like real brothers♥ :')