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moran_chan01 in baru_world

Say Hi! (long time no see) and other Subaru's news

Hello everybody Subaru's Fan!

It's very very very long long time that I haven't post anything in this community.
Because my study in university just begun so it's very busy >_<
but I still follow Subaru-san in Kanjani8 Single&Album and concert, and his movie and new album of him!

So this time... it's time of him!
Let's see his news!


[NEWS No.1] New album of Shibutani Subaru (For Misono Universe the Movie)

The name of album is [記憶/ココロオドレバ] (Kioku/Kokoruodoreba)
Release 2015 February 11


[NEWS No.2] Shibutani Subaru Live Tour 2015


[NEWS No.3] Shibutani Subaru will go to The COVERS (NHK Channel) 2nd time

In 2015 February 9 at 11.15-11.45 PM


[NEWS No.4] [TV] 150116 Misono universe complete showcase preview video (Subaru)

Credit: dozchan666



Hi! I totally understand, I am also a uni student and I have no more free time it seems. Thank you for sharing so many nice news ^_^ and helping me to catch up with Baru <3 Good luck with your studies, this is hard work >.