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moran_chan01 in baru_world

[sticky post] Welcome to Baru's World

We love this guy...
We love in his eyes...
We love in his voice...
We love in his smile...
We love in the sound of his laugh...
We love in himself...

We believe in this guy...
The amazing guy "Shibutani Subaru"


This community create for who love "Shibutani Subaru". he is member and lead vocal of Kanjani8.
In this community will have to post about His J-Web (Kanjani8 Sentai Ranger) in English and Thai language translation, his radio show, his interview and his performance.etc


1.Please join this community before post or comment.
2.When you join with us, Please comment something about your impression of Shibutani Subaru in this journal.
3.All member can help to post entries in this community.

Join with us and Welcome to Baru's World...

Follow us @Baru_World

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Hi there!
Nice to see Shibuyan's fan too! XD
Welcome welcome ^_^
Oh! I didn't think to him is ojichan crazy sex lol
but I like him because his thoughtfulness is very deep and very kind.
and he love his mommy so much! no one can touch her XD
He is amazing guy!
Thanks to join and Welcome to Baru's World :D

Edited at 2014-02-23 03:44 am (UTC)